Kids love to play motu patlu games online, the series of this cartoon has been online for quite sometime now and the cartoons are picking up and kinds garther around the television to watch the thoughtful cartoon as they deliver a special message in every episode. The villagers themselves get amased by the acts of these two. They are bringing good progress and not only the village of furfuri nagar but the nation itdelf gets huge benefit from their inventions, sometime they invent planes, sometime they invent useful machines which help in daily life. Inspector Chingum is the local polive inspector which help them get out of trouble and often help them catch John who gets them into trouble at first place, there have been various episodes which have been aired on television, the serives is liked in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal as well. People from other countries watch teh dubbed version and they too get amased by the efforts they have been doing in the village for years and help secure peace in the village and in the area around them.